Fuji X-T2 vs Sony A7II

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Re: Fuji X-T2 vs Sony A7II

Eugleo wrote:

RecklessCoding wrote:

Exactly; I spent a lot of time around 2013-14 pixelpeeping and hauling FF gear. I switched to m4/3 and photography became fun again. Last 2-3 years, I got into the pixelpeeping mindset again. A few months ago, I realised that it is stupid of me.

Oh, I see you shoot on m43 as well. Would you mind to tell me how do you compare you m43 system with the X-H1? (what's better for what and if you only had to choose one, which would it be for general-purpose walkaround usage).

You can find an in-depth discussion here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63372914

In general, I think the E-M1 MkII with the 12-40mm f/2.8 is a hard to beat combo. It is significantly smaller than the X-H1 + 16-55mm f/2.8. In general, I think m4/3 has better zoom options. However, for primes Fuji has the advantage due to the WR f/2.0 line.

As a general-purpose walkaround it very much depends on what you want. In short, m4/3 is probably faster to operate, but Fuji gives you a feeling of better control due to the distinct dials for each exposure component.

You can't go wrong with either. Having said that, I am moving to Fuji.

I don't print A0 posters and even if I did, any format can work. What matters the most is to honed my own skills. Let alone that FIAP-accredited competitions use either 4K or 1080p TVs.

I suggest you to rethink passing on the kit zoom. At its price, that lens is a steal; you will find nothing than praise on these forums. It costs significantly more to buy later.

I got many similar recommendations, here on DPR and also elsewhere. I'll try to get the zoom, then.

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