Fuji X-T2 vs Sony A7II

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Re: Fuji X-T2 vs Sony A7II

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RecklessCoding wrote:

I think, it is a good call.

Ergonomics are the most important. You are new to photography; you need a system that will encourage you shoot with it if you want to learn more. Fuji is probably the best system to learn photography, as you get a dial for each exposure value. Sure, you can adjust things with the command dials, but there is simply a feeling of control you get with Fuji's (I am new to the brand too). Also, the A7 II is just slow and non-responsive.

I arrived at the same exact conclusion! I want the process to be fun, after all.

Exactly; I spent a lot of time around 2013-14 pixelpeeping and hauling FF gear. I switched to m4/3 and photography became fun again. Last 2-3 years, I got into the pixelpeeping mindset again. A few months ago, I realised that it is stupid of me.

Oh, I see you shoot on m43 as well. Would you mind to tell me how do you compare you m43 system with the X-H1? (what's better for what and if you only had to choose one, which would it be for general-purpose walkaround usage).

I don't print A0 posters and even if I did, any format can work. What matters the most is to honed my own skills. Let alone that FIAP-accredited competitions use either 4K or 1080p TVs.

I suggest you not to think already about your next system. That is a recipe for disaster. While IBIS is great, I think "FF" argument about DOF is a double-edged sword. There are many situations you need more DOF; e.g. landscapes and street.

The Samyang 12mm is a good lens, but manual focus. Normally, I would advice against a MF lens when you first start, but at that focal length it is hard to miss focus. Especially, as Fuji packs so many tools to help focusing with MF lenses.

If you can save up a bit, you may want to invest to a used copy of the10-24mm f/4. I only got mine a few days ago, but after a short walkaround, but I love it. My UWA experience is limited to the Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6, 7-14mm f/2.8, and the Nikon 16-35mm f/4. The 10-24 is somewhere between the Nikon and the Olympus 7-14mm is focal length (at the wide end), but smaller than both with a great metal-only build. Filters support is also much appreciated. My only two complains is the lack of WR and of a marked aperture ring.

Thanks for the recommendation. I'm actually starting to think that I'll skip the kit zoom lens and get a prime 22mm f/2 (35mm FF equiv.) instead. The 35mm I think should cover most of my needs anyway, it's faster, sharper and lighter (as in weight) than the zoom and it has a marked aperture ring. And it's weather resistant, unlike the zoom.

I suggest you to rethink passing on the kit zoom. At its price, that lens is a steal; you will find nothing than praise on these forums. It costs significantly more to buy later.

I got many similar recommendations, here on DPR and also elsewhere. I'll try to get the zoom, then.

After some time passes I'll figure out whether I need some new lens on the wider side, or maybe something for portraits, and get a prime for that as well — or maybe the UWA zoom you recommended.

Sounds like a good plan.

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