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geru wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

I decided to compare one of the few new features that had been added to PSP in recent years with its nearest equivalent in AP. The PSP feature is called Magic Fill, and can be used to remove objects or fill the black triangles at the edges of images that have been straightened. The AP Inpainting Brush Tool is more sophisticated, but has a a similar function. Rather than selecting and filling an area, you paint over the object or area to be replaced, with numerous options for controlling the brush size, opacity, etc. I just used the default in the test.

In both products, the first attempt isn't always perfect, so you can apply the tool multiple times, or finish off using cloning, etc. But in this test, I only applied each tool once, so we see the first attempts they made. Obviously, the better their first attempt, the less additional work needed.

First, let's see the image I used. It was processed from RAW in DxO PL, and I used ViewPoint to adjust the perspective, which left the large black triangle on the top left, which I want to fill. I will also be removing an object from it (the small red sign near the middle):

I then used PSP and AP to fill the black triangle. In both cases, this is their one-click, default first attempt, with no fine-tuning, and no feathering:

The PSP attempt is quite poor, and will need a lot more work; the AP first attempt is pretty good, and will need little more work.


I then decided to use both tools to remove an object near the centre of the image. It's the small red sign. I selected the area around it in PSP, and used Magic Fill, and painted over it with the Inpainting Brush in AP. Again, these are both products' first attempts:

The PSP effort will need more work; the AP effort is usable with little further work

Finally, these are both of the edited images:

PSP 2018 ( x64) version

Affinity Photo


It's this sort of thing that convinced me to make the switch from PSP to AP. Yes, there's some re-learning, as some of the UI and tools are different, but it's worth it.

I made a script that does what you did after I straighten a photo, I sometimes miss level/straight when shooting. 🤪

IMO AP (s) tools such as curves, HSL, and many more are much more advanced than PSP. It has more than double the non destructive adjustment layers, groups in AP are also more advanced and definitely more flexible. Color management and even channels use is more advanced and flexible.

I used PSP since the JASC days and I stayed with it till the 2018 version which is still on my desktop. I was lucky enough to be able to beta test AP for windows and it’s this beta test that made it clear to me that AP was going to be more advanced than PSP and more useful.

Useful Macro, thanks.


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