Canon M50 or Canon 250D kit?

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Re: Canon M50 or Canon 250D kit?

Canon2018 wrote:

Being a long time Canon user, I have tried both cameras. The M50 is more compact but the 250D/SL3 is not large by any means. The limited lens selection for the M50 would not bother me much as you can now buy the excellent 1.4 primes from Sigma. There is a well-performing 11-22 wide-angle lens and you can adapt all EF/EF-S lenses. What bothers me most about the M50 is the slow autofocus if you are used to a dslr. As long as you only shoot static objects, I would go with the M50. But for moving objects, the SL3 would be better suited. The AF system in the viewfinder of the SL3 is getting rather long in the tooth, I think it was first introduced 15 years ago in the Canon 20D. There is only one cross-type sensor. But still, it is very fast and reasonably accurate. I used it on my SL1 for many years and was quite happy with it. And of course, you can always use liveview on the SL3 which gives you the same experience as the M50 with the same Digic 8 processor and eye AF.


I had no idea about the slower autofocus on the M50 when shooting moving objects wrt DSLRs - not something people talk often online. 

I thought the large set of autofocus points would help in the M50, regardless of whether it was shot on the Viewfinder or the Live View.

Also, if we were to shoot moving objects through the Live View on the SL3, wouldn't that have the same effect as the M50 (considering they have the same processor and other common internals)?

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