Attaching camera body instead of lens collar to tripod?

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Re: Attaching camera body instead of lens collar to tripod?

moficera wrote:

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

Quote: If using heavy lens, to prevent camera shake, fix the camera itself with a tripod or monopod, instead of using just a tripod-mounting collar for the lens.

If using heavy lens, to ruin your bayonet mount, fix the camera itself.

They are talking about a heavy lens. Admittedly, it is very rare that a lens will fall on the ground but metal fatigue is the problem.

It says to use two independent supports for the lens and camera. With one tripod you have one pivot point for all vibrations, with a second support it is much more stable.

Fair enough but it's not what the OP mentioned.

The first replies were about vibrations and balance, the metal fatigue was not mentioned. That said my reply was a bit lateĀ 

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