Does technique change with advances in cameras?

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Re: Does technique change with advances in cameras?

For me, it does. A camera and flash with very High Flash Synch speed and good Auto ISO expands my choice of exposure settings.

I have use practically every combination of Auto Exposure, Semi-Auto, and fully manual exposure plus Auto ISO

My Nikon D8XX gives me more options than my Nikon D5XXX.
Moreover,  Nissin MG8000 Supreme and Nikon SB-910 further expand my flash assisted shooting technique..

In tricky lighting condition on non-static subjectI I use  MANUAL zone focusing, sometimes continuous Auto focus. In general, I use "Back focus.  I get good results at Manual setting of Shutter speed at faster than the inverse of the focal length and f/5.6 plus Auto ISO.

Do what works for you.  I believe there is more than just one way to skin a cat. 
Try other method suggested by others or just out of curiousity, What have you got to loose?

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