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Re: Affinity Photo Inpainting Macro

Digital Nigel wrote:

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Digital Nigel wrote:

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The AP Inpainting Brush Tool is more sophisticated, but has a a similar function. Rather than selecting and filling an area, you paint over the object or area to be replaced, with numerous options for controlling the brush size, opacity, etc. I just used the default in the test.

I made a script that does what you did after I straighten a photo, I sometimes miss level/straight when shooting. 🤪

Yes, it's a one-click operation in Affinity to do the inpainting after straightening. Here's their video on how this works:

I'd modify the macro by using the Select Partially Transparent option rather than the suggested Select Fully Transparent -- it works better for me.

I have used the script between 8 to 10 times and haven’t had any problems yet. I think it’s because of the 2 or 3 pixel expansion for now I’ll keep it the way it is any problems and I’ll try the change.

I take it that the script is Mac-only? I couldn't see Inpaint in the Edit menu in my Windows version.


Script works in both MAC and Windows the inpainting brush/tool is located on the toolbar with the patch tool and others. See the link

Yes, I use the Inpainting brush from the toolbar, but the video showed an Inpainting option available from the Edit menu, which applied it to all selected areas. The Edit menu in my Windows version doesn't have that option.

You’ll find the option your referring to under selections in the menu.

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