ILC with IBIS and Weather Sealing?

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Don't overdo it

We're going all-out into the weathersealing here when the point has been made: You probably don't need it as much as you imagine. When it rains, the light is poor and the sportsgame isn't the best either. If you really, really must provide a picture of that one game, you might even carry an umbrella.

So, on to other requirements: Small, light, stabilisation: Still the Olympus M5 on top.

You want good enough autofocus (really), get a good deal on the Mark II.

You want outstanding AF on moving targets, get the Mark III.

By now you think you 'need' that special fast AF of the Mark III. 
Really, you don't.  You'd be better of if you spent the money on lenses.  I'll take a professional low-light lens on a cheap body over a cheap lens on the latest camera any day.

Lenses make photos possible; cameras just make it easier.

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