ai machine vision relies on abstraction

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ai machine vision relies on abstraction

It says nothing about abstraction but that is what it relies on.  Abstracting some noticeable and somewhat unique characteristic of a bird rather than a complete image which unavoidably makes it harder for a machine to find the unique characteristic.  We, of course do it quite naturally.  Think of seeing a bird out of the corner of your eye and your brain already having identified it by some unique characteristic before you turn your head already know what you are looking for.

This brought to mind a possible experiment for determing what specifically talented individuals might see in common when viewing some kind of art that those with less talent may not see.  Analagously the talented are those with a built in corner of the eye talent for artisitc recognition and those with less talent more limited to a sort of machine like parsing.

Could research elucidate what artists see in a particular piece of art that causes them to turn their head already tuned to the artistic characteristics of the piece?    If one could, via subtle misdirection of the subjects, as is done in many psychological studies trying to determine subliminal motivations and prejudices among a cohort, elicit what it is that the subjects are seeing that elicits their reactions without the contamination of expectation that would occur if they knew what they were being tested for and had an interest in performing as expected.

Could naive (untalented) subjects then be trained to see those artistic characteristics similarly to those who do so naturally?  In other words could artistic perception similar in quality to those naturally endowed be taught to those who are not natively so endowed?

My impression is that the current state of affairs for training the unendowed is largely didactic and rules based rather than developing more natural abilities.

Just a few thoughts/questions.

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