Is this 75-300mm good?

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Re: Is this 75-300mm good?

Jazzychu wrote:

I just got this used Olympus 75-300mm ii lens (Excellent per MPB) and would like to know...

1. How good is this copy? Is this typical as you would expect from pairing with EM5.2 and using just P-mode/JPEG SOOC? The bird was about 25 feet from the camera.

2. If there is room for improvement on my technique, please help. I was using small single AF point to focus on the eye or the head, and just S-AF. I am not quite into C-AF or BIF yet. So far I guess I need to use higher shutter speed which means S-mode and probably silent shutter.

Please also post some if you have much better pictures from 75-300mm.

Your image is fine.  I see no indication of blur due to bird or camera movement.  I generally use S mode for moving wildlife and S or A modes for stationary wildlife.  Your shutter speed appears to be okay, but you should test yourself with a stationary target to determine your minimum shutter speed for hand holding your lens.

I always recommend several individual shots of a stationary target.  Every camera/lens has some focus variability and by shooting more than one image, you can pick the one with best focus.

When you evaluate the sharpness of a long telephoto lens, you should be aware of the very shallow DOF.  The DOF given by a typical DOF calculator for 25 feet with 7.76 inches (or about 1/2 that from the focus point).  However, that is based on simply noticing blur based on an 8X10 inch image from 25 cm based on the manufacturer standard for DOF.  If you have 20/20 vision, the ability to see differences in sharpness drops to 2.56 inches (or about 1/2 that from the focus point) for the 8X10 image.  Zooming to larger image size (equivalent to a longer focal length) further reduces that DOF.

The camera appears to have focused on the neck at the dark shadow line, so that is the sharpest area.  The eye is a little less sharp since it is a little closer to you.

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