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B&H, Sales Tax and Payboo and future purchases

It seems I'm always shopping for some new photo gear (and hold some of you responsible for that, i.e. I just purchased a Godox V1)   I have a GFX 50R and am considering adding a few more items for that system.

I have forever been a big B&H customer.  Now that I do the math, I see that has been around 50 years.   Good prices, great inventory, informative website and good customer service.  And of course, free shipping and no sales tax (I'm in AZ).

But beginning yesterday, AZ is now collecting sales tax from all online vendors including B&H.  I received an email from B&H a few days ago mentioning the coming sales tax and recommending I apply for their Payboo credit card.  Use the card (it can only be used at B&H) and they will issue an instant cash reward equal to the tax amount (8.56% for me) so that, bottom line, you are not paying a sales tax.

I'm not really wanting another credit card, especially one that can only be used for one vendor.  But the possibility for saving that nearly 10% and continuing to shop at B&H is pretty appealing.

So I looked into the Payboo card and found some troubling issues.  There's a thread on FredMiranda where several mention being denied their application for that card even though they have great credit history and have never been denied a credit card before.  Trying to determine the reason for the denials with the bank (Synchrony) and B&H typically became a mess.  And with the application comes a hard pull on your credit rating regardless of the outcome (that was news to me, but it's true, your FICO rating can drop some points).

It appears to me there is a possibility the bank is denying cards to those who regularly pay their credit card bills and never have any finance charges applied.  Synchrony charges 30% by the way.  A B&H rep participating in that Miranda thread said B&H does not profit from the card but someone posted the terms of the agreement between B&H and the bank showing that is not true.

For me, regarding Payboo, the red flag is up.  I'm not sure what to do.  I welcome any comments and opinions  from those of you who may or may not be using Payboo.

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