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Re: Camera Size (again)

Thanks for the link to the skillful night photographer.   Of course a pro Nikon is suited to night photography.   I have used cameras like that from 2008 to 2018 for all kinds of street.  Over time, their advantages have become less important to me compared to smaller full frame bodies.

However, there are really no bad cameras today.  We are all really lucky to be able to choose from a large and evolving menu of choices to favor

  • sensor size
  • size/weight
  • focus capability
  • dynamic range
  • image quality/color/compression etc.
  • enlargement size/cropability
  • processing flexibility
  • focal length
  • low light capability
  • form factor
  • controls
  • IS
  • previsualization
  • sound level of gear
  • styling (although all cameras are as ugly as dirt)
  • durability and weather resistance
  • brand compatibility
  • lens and accessory options
  • viewfinder/screen

All these factors can be chosen among.   And all of them can be useful or not, depending on who is shooting what, where and why.

There are courses and books you can refer to about what wine to pair with what food.   But the best advice remains:  " Drink the wine you like with the food you like, and you can't go wrong."   Same with cameras.   Shoot with the camera you enjoy, and that you know the best.

And stop thinking about the equipment.  And stop thinking about yourself.   Think about the shot -- what it means, what it makes you feel, about how to enhance that and make it more beautiful than what you shot in the past.

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