Handholding with VR Limits?

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Handholding with VR Limits?

Handholding with VR

So if VR can have up to a 4 stop advantage – let’s just say 4 stops is true for the sake of this discussion. Let's not get to hung-up over very accurate maths.

Surely there’s a limit

If we say you can normally handhold a 24mm lens at, say, 1/30” without VR; does this mean you can handhold at 1/2"?

seems a bit too slow to handhold to me.

Can the VR stabilise an image for half a second in reality?

Of course it assume I can hold it steady-ish in the first place.

If I had really shaky hands then all bets would be off anyway.

Or is it more that it can give up to 4 stops, down to, say, 1/20”?

So if you’re already at 1/20” then it’s all bets off?

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