Do you own too many lenses?

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Do you own too many lenses?

It's not a secret photographers have gas for lenses and over time build up a nice collection. Yes we sell some of them but usually it's when there's a better alternative on the market. We buy lenses for traveling, we buy lenses for portraits, we buy lenses for taking photos of landmarks. Over time where you originally started with two or three lenses end up spiralling out of control.

In reality we only need five lenses to cover the basics and possibly an extra one or two when it comes to other fields of photography like wildlife or portraits. So unless you're using all your lenses, you don't need multiple lenses to cover every aspect of your life.

So how many lenses do I own? Errr 10.

There are two reasons for this. The first is I love prime lenses and the other reason is I expanded my gear to cover trips to Africa. However, I added additional lenses aka the 50-200 and the 12-60 so I don't have to carry as many lenses in the field.

So this is my core lenses.

  • 15mm 1.7
  • 25mm 1.4
  • 42.5mm 1.7
  • 12-60mm 2.8-4
  • 50-200mm 2.8-4

These are my additional lenses

  • 45mm 2.8 for Macro plus I love the look this lens give
  • 100-400mm 4-6.3 for wildlife

These lenses I don't need now and should consider selling.

  • 20mm 1.7 but I like this lens and I will keep it.
  • 12-35mm 2.8 In some ways this lens is better than the 12-60 with it extra stop of light and less barrel distortion? However, I do own a few primes if a lack of light become a problem or the quality of the image is important.
  • 35-100mm 2.8 I like this lens a lot but because I don't do a lot of landscape and because my 50-200 is the better telephoto zoom for outdoor stuff with it longer reach, I can't see the point of bringing this lens other than additional lens to my future trip to Africa. 

So I can slim down my lenses to 8 and it shouldn't affect overall my photography.

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