Does technique change with advances in cameras?

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Re: Does technique change with advances in cameras?

Marek M wrote:

I have been an Aperture priority type of guy for the longest time. Auto ISO has been a no-no.

I saw my friend's pictures from a recent party, Leica Q, and he is a Shutter priority AND auto ISO shooter.

I guess I have to re-think my ways. 10 years ago , an auto ISO would be a bummer , but now, with relatively clean ISO 6400, and usable ISO 12800, things are different.

So, time to re-think my habits. and technique. All owing to better cameras.

IMO not really.

Auto ISO has gotten better, bu this also depends on the camera itself and it's ISO performance.

But for example, shooting at slow shutter speeds in low light, no technique doesn't really change that much . You still need to try to brace yourself to avoid camera shake, even if you have IBIS for example. You'll probably have more keepers in those instances in low light than one without IBIS but with that example, you should still exercise the same technique you would even if you didn't have IBIS.  It never hurts to go back to basics and implement the basic techniques for getting the shot, whatever those might be.

The new advanced just make it easier to cope with situations that might be challenging (like with IBIS or eye-AF).

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