Does technique change with advances in cameras?

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TacticDesigns wrote:

Marek M wrote:

I have been an Aperture priority type of guy for the longest time. Auto ISO has been a no-no.

I saw my friend's pictures from a recent party, Leica Q, and he is a Shutter priority AND auto ISO shooter.

I guess I have to re-think my ways. 10 years ago , an auto ISO would be a bummer , but now, with relatively clean ISO 6400, and usable ISO 12800, things are different.

So, time to re-think my habits. and technique. All owing to better cameras.

Another thing that I think can change your habits and re-think things is changing where you shoot and what you shoot.

I have shot a lot of indoor sports. So . . . a lot of shooting in less than ideal light.

So, my attack on the situation has been to get faster lenses (f/2.8 zooms), and shoot manual exposure settings to try to squeeze out as much IQ as possible.

For the most part, I choose an aperture that will give me the depth of field I can live with. Then pick a shutter speed that tries to reduce motion blur in the athletes. And then play around with ISO to make sure I am happy with the final images.

Shooting in those conditions, I really didn't feel comfortable using shutter priority.

But this summer, we took a trip to Sunny California. My oldest daughter wanted to try surfing. So I had taken my Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 superzoom in it.

When I started shooting, I realized there was a lot of light. A lot more light than I usually shoot in.

And then it clicked.

I could totally shooting shutter priority with a manual ISO setting, even though I was using a superzoom with an aperture range of f/3.5-5-6.

There was just that much light!

For years, I read of photographers using shutter priority. But I was never able to make it work. But . . . this experience showed me that . . . just because it didn't make sense for me, and what I was shooting, it can make sense for someone else for what they are shooting.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

Yep, it feels like starting fresh all over again.

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