Does technique change with advances in cameras?

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Re: Does technique change with advances in cameras?

Yep. I've gone from using film in cameras without built-in meters to digital with full automation, and my technique and working habits have evolved along with the technology.

Auto ISO has been my latest adaption. I set the upper limit and ride the exposure compensation. I can set my mirrorless camera to flash the histogram in the finder image review if I want.

Now I'm experimenting with the auto contrast controls. I don't quite trust it yet, but it looks promising.

I generally use aperture priority, and have for many years, but sometimes go manual. My current camera in auto ISO seems to do a very good job of keep the shutter speed high enough.

In camera image review was a big change for me, being able to review my work in the field when, in many cases, there was opportunity for a do-over.

And cheap storage means I can shoot as much as I want, no more rationing film or card space. No more thinking, "this would make a pretty good shot, but maybe I should save film in case there is something better around the corner." (But I still follow the old rule: Cull mercilessly and only show your best stuff.)

And that doesn't even touch on all the possibilities of post processing.


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