EOS RP or A6400 for upcoming Hawaii trip

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Re: EOS RP or A6400 for upcoming Hawaii trip

Stokkes wrote:

Hey all,

Back in March I purchased an A7iii, FE 24-105 G and 50mm f1.8 kit. I used it for a few shoots but ended up selling it a few months ago because I realizEd that for the cost (about $4,500-5,000 CAD), it just wasn't worth it for the number of times using it. I got most of my money back but I want to grab something for an upcoming Hawaii trip. I also briefly (few days) had an RP with RF 35mm (in march as well) which was good, but not as good as the A7iii, so kept the A7iii.

In what ways did you find the RP not as good?

I really liked the RP ergonomics, user experience, touch screen, etc and got some good shots with it, but was bummed about the Eye AF, tracking, etc (this was with FW 1.0).

Here's what I prefer to shoot: Landscapes, street, our dogs.

Hoping some people can shine some light on the RP vs A6400, specifically:

- Is there a clear cut winner, if so why?


- Is the RP significantly closer to the 6400 with FW 1.4?

The A6100/A6400/A6600/A7RIV/A9/A9II's tracking AF is considered by many to be significantly better than any of their competition.

- The 6400 has object tracking (which the A7iii lacks), how is object tracking with the RP comparatively (with the new firmware)?

- How is low light performance? Hoping to get some night shots around Hawaii

The RP should do better in this area, but lenses are a factor too.

- What starter lens(es) would you recommend (the RF 35mm is only $225 USD when purchased with the RP so I'd get that), but hoping for something with some long reach. For the 6400, not sure what would be good to start.

Based on what you're saying, I'd definitely recommend the A6400. It has the better AF, more affordable lenses to purchase, and options that would make it just as good in low-light as the RP. For example, if you are considering the Canon 35mm f/1.8 but want something longer, the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 or 56mm f/1.4 would be better focal lengths for you, and because of the larger aperture, could do better in low-light. You could also get the 18-135mm for versatility.

That being said, you still may lose out on the things you liked about the RP like how you preferred the ergonomics, user experience, and touchscreen.

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