Replacing the D800 - what with? 🤔

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Replacing the D800 - what with? 🤔

As you probably read already my D800 got a (too) close encounter with a huge saltwater wave and it still is at a repair where they are trying to make it work but in the worse option, which I guess is it being a paper holder, I need a backup since my other gear is not up to date at all (on F mount a Nikon D2Xs and a Fuji S5Pro, nice cameras but either slow or both quite unusable at ISO over 400).

I also own an old Fuji X-Pro1 and three lenses, the do it all 18-55, wide angle 14/2.8 and the pretty 35/1.4.

The natural upgrade would be the D850 but for such a camera I will have to wait till late April early May next year and in the meantime I need something quicker than the Fuji X-Pro1 and more up to date than the F bodies

I found a used D810 at 950 US$ but it is gone, there are D800 at below 700 US$ within 40-50k shutter actuations, there also is the D750 which goes for below 1K brand new but not really my kind of body, I like it rugged, I like the round eyepiece (I know, I know...) and already have D800 RRS plate as well as battery and charger.

I could also evaluate to update the Fuji with an X-T2 for within 600 US$ and then wait to April-May and get the D850 even tho I am so eager to use the 85/1.4D I just got...

I have no real urgency besides, hopefully, February going a few days away with my son and in such circumstance I WANT to have a camera with me.

What would you advise? I was almost ready to hit onto the D810 but time constraints didn't do it for me, the D800 does fine for me, I only mind the slow burst in case of action but can live with it, D810 would have probably made it redundant to think of a D850 for my needs...

Damn, I miss my FF sensor!!!

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