GM5 Dynamic Range

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GM5 Dynamic Range

I'm aware that using the GM5 electronic shutter reduces the dynamic range of the image by using fewer bits. So I'm careful to set Shutter Type to AUTO, and I'm also careful to keep the shutter speed from going above 1/500.  Even so, I'm finding that I'm not getting the dynamic range that my E-M5.1 gives me.

I've been reading a thread from 2017 started by Raist3D.  Here are a couple of quotes from that post.


"The ISO 125 in the GM1 was great, but when I got my GM5, I found that the ISO 100 raw files do not play well with Lightroom. Blown highlights which would be recoverable on ISO 200 come down with a magenta cast which I have not found a solution for. This has largely led me to abandon the extended ISO on the GM5."

I've been using ISO 100 when I can in order to make it easier to keep from going above 1/500.   Like dwkyre, I'm finding that blown highlights do not recover well.  Has anyone else found the same thing?

Tom Caldwell:

"Of course if you use non-oem M4/3 lenses the camera will always use electronic shutter in every PASM mode no matter what is set in the menu."

This intrigued me as well.  I use the Laowa 7.5mm on my GM5.  Does that mean it always uses the electronic shutter?  Why?

Any advice on how to get the most out of the GM5 sensor by keeping the camera from going to electronic shutter would be appreciated.



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