Nikon Z50 vs Nikon D5600

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Nikon Z50 vs Nikon D5600

Hi there!

As I have been running out of patience for DPReview review of Nikon Z50 and saw a nice discount for it on black friday, i've decided to buy. I've got it since Tuesday.

My whole collection.

I liked D5600 most of the time. It offered great image quality and I loved the ergonomics, but the fact that Nikon left out af fine-tune for higher models annoyed me quiet a lot. With 70-300 f/6.3 it back focused a little at 300mm, and with 35mm 1.8 it was very inaccurate in lower light indoors.

In this thread I plan to compare it little by little to D5600. I hope I will finish this comparison by the end of next week :D.

1. Ergonomics.

Honestly... D5600 handles a bit better, mainly to the bigger and taller grip. FTZ adapter also moves the weight a bit to the front. AE-L/AF-L button that I use for BBF was a bit more comfortable on D5600. The one in Z50 is surrounded by sharp edge(see picture).

Touch buttons on the screen - in the beginning I missed them a bit, and I would prefer if they were physical.
Top dial is lighter to move in Z50 by a small bit, back and front dial are a bit harder to move comparing to the only one in D5600.
Anyway, both of them are nice to hold with D5600 being the winner(well.. it's bigger isn't it?).

2. Picture quality

I was afraid of the banding... but to be honest I've taken some extreme pictures into the sun, light, unexposed a lot and it can be BARELY seen only it VERY extreme situations(pictures below).

Let's start with dynamic range. I've used the same lens on both cameras - 35mm 1.8G.
I've used ISO 100, f/5.6 and 1/500s.
The picture that I've taken:

I've changed the exposure by +5, shadows by +100, sharpening to 0, noise color noise reduction to 0.

LEFT: Nikon Z50, RIGHT: Nikon D5600

First of all - banding at this extremes ... can be barely seen! At +5 exposure and +100 shadows and I can hardly see it(and only with a bit of help from my imagination)! Personally the shadows in Nikon Z50 look better to me. D5600 has horrible reddish hue.
I would say that bending doesn't (yet :P) exist in Z50.
Let's check how much ISO invariant those cameras are.

The same lense: 35mm 1.8G at f/3.2.
Taken 2 pictures. One at ISO 3200 at 1/1000 sec, second at ISO 100 at 1/1000sec.
Then I've raised the exposure by 5 stops. Magnification 3:1.

Nikon Z50. LEFT: ISO 3200, RIGHT: ISO 100 + 5 EX

Nikon D5600. LEFT: ISO 3200, RIGHT: ISO 100 + 5EX

Hmm... I would say that there is slight edge to Z50.

(to be continued)
3. Autofocus

In short - I am satisfied. Very - with a twist ;).

(to be continued)

4. Battery
(to be continued)

Nikon D5600 Nikon Z50
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