ILC with IBIS and Weather Sealing?

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Re: ILC with IBIS and Weather Sealing?

There are not small numbers of ILCs which are weather sealed and has IBIS.

Nor familiar with other systems, on M43, under Olympus the currant models are EM1X, EM1.2, EM5.3. Indeed the EM5.2 is still generally available in the market.

Under Panasonic the current models are GH5, G9, G95. Similar to Olympus, an older G85 is also in the market at a great discount.

AFAIK, although Olympus gear like EM1X and EM1.2 has a rating of IPX1, it has been confirmed by its owners that they had no problem to use their camera under very severe weather condition, even flush under a hose. There were also reports from Panasonic users (no official IPX rating disclosed) that their gear were ok to shoot under torrential rain. However as being advised by the salesman my weather sealed G85 is only good for not more than a light shower 🤔.

I personally shoot with my non weather sealed Panasonic ILCs (Panasonic G1, GF3, GX1, GX7 and GX85) for 10+ years under all sort of weather conditions from very wet, very cold to very hot or dry because I can't select when to shoot during my travelling. So far none of my gear fails because of having exposed to the rain. My G1 had dropped into a river, after dried, kept on shooting as normal mostly until I upgraded it a few years after the accident.

Unless you will shoot under a waterfall very frequently, I shall put weather sealed on the last of my list on buying a camera.

IBIS of EM1X currently should be the best of the industry. IBIS of Olympus like EM1.2 or EM5.3 are also very good.

Panasonic uses IBIS only recently, is effective, but might still has small gap to catch up. However, Panasonic also has DUAL IS, a merger of IBIS of camera body and OIS of the lens. As per reviews, DUAL IS is as good, if not better on some occasion, than IBIS alone of Olympus.

Olympus EM1X and EM1.2 also has their form of DUAL IS (called the Synchorize IS) but is limited to 2 pro class zoom lens only at the present moment.

IBIS or DUAL IS are great for shooting using crazy slow shutter speed handheld. And it is also good for run and gun style of video shooting.

Alternatively if you use tripod, or need fast shutter speed to avoid motion blur, or has little interest on video, these ISs might not benefit you a lot.

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