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Re: Embarrasing dog challenge

barb_s wrote:

Regarding the voting.... The 1/2 star voter on the 3rd place photo gave low marks to many, including the 1st 2. He/She gave no 5's and many 1's and 1.5's but seemed to like some of the nicer photo's like the 10th place entry, but the majority were just low votes. That voter's opinions were just as valid as others. It wasn't someone voting down the good ones.

I also was somewhat disturbed to read a post on the 1st place entry saying they and their friends would all be voting 5 on it.

This is one reason I advocate for participants and voters to restrain themselves to make any commentary on an entry during and  before the challenge is completely finish.

Hosts should contemplate the possibility of including this restriction in their set of rules.

Although I must admit that in this case, an almost slip of the tongue got a thief (or potential cheater?)  caught.

Is that vote rigging? Or is that someone really liking that style of a photograph? While I do not condone having friend groups vote up a photo, it appears those voters did vote on others, and gave pretty high marks for some as well.

I do not think the winner should be disqualified due to someone really liking their entry - and I do not think the submitter was related to the voting block- so it remains 1st place.

Personally, had I been a voter, I think I would have given that one a high mark. And I liked entry 2 a lot.

With that sad, have commented back to the person that was very excited about the 1st place dog. I can't contact the 7 '5 star' voters to see where they live, or if they are friends with the submitter, and I doubt I'll get a reply but I did let them know they have not helped in any way.

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