Flash for Pan G85 and Oly 10 mk3. Problems

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Re: Flash for Pan G85 and Oly 10 mk3. Problems

My TT350O works fine on G85, as well as on all other older Panny of mine.

However, the construction of my copy of TT350O is not perfect (what to complain on such price vs features?), it might not easily sit properly on the hot shoe. It might need some small force, or push it very slowly into the hot shoe for the last 1~2mm to let the flash feet sit properly on its position.

I found that if the flash can be properly mounted, when I turn the zoom ring of the lens I can hear beep sounds from the flash. If not, the zoom on flash will switch to manual automatically without responding to the zoom of the lens. It is my best guide to mount the flash.

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