Embarrasing dog challenge

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Re: Reply from the 5 star voters has been given

tasad wrote:

barb_s wrote:

I have a reply which seems honest enough on why the group voted 5 stars. It does explain that it was not someone with a few extra accounts (...)

It was... It was a liar and a cheater with at least one extra account. A cheater "having fun" when sabotaging challenges with 5 and 4.5 stars votes.

This picture taken by Lachein :https://www.dpreview.com/challenges/Entry.aspx?ID=1048148

..... was taken with exactly the same camera and lens with exactly the same body serial number and exactly the same lens serial number - as the "winner" of this challenge :


....It's difficult to find a picture entered by RJD13 without 5* and 4.5* votes . Some examples :





... or garbage like this with 5 or 6 x 5 stars votes :




Pretty conclusive!

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