Best Backup Advice - External HHDs, Cloud, Drobo?

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Best Backup Advice - External HHDs, Cloud, Drobo?

Hi guys!

Been a while since I was here, but jumping in again to see about some advice.

I'm about to get my 5th external drive to hold my photos. Which means I'm about to get my 5th external drive to back it up.

I'm beginning to think this is unsustainable as, while hard drives grow in capacity, so too do file sizes. I have a hard time deleting photos, and even doing that would be quite a task.

So... what is everyone doing to store/backup photos? I've looked at cloud-based backups but getting all my data up there to start (probably about 5TB so far spread across 4 external drives) seems impractical -- like MONTHS of upload time, assuming I just leave my desktop on the entire time.

Right now I'm looking at a future of X main hard drives with X back-ups for those (stored off-site). Which is kind of a pain.

I'm curious what other users of this site's storage solutions are.

I'd be curious to know answers to questions like:

  • How much are you storing?
  • How do you back up your files? 
  • Do you have off-site backup?
  • How do you forecast future needs? (Wondering if a Drobo would be a good investment and if so, how big). 

Any thoughts appreciated!


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