Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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Re: Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

BirdShooter7 wrote:

Yes it definitely depends. I read all these reports from people saying the R AF is so great and wonder how many doses of crack they just finished smoking before they made their comments. Now I don’t think everyone is crazy so there must be situations where the AF of the R is pretty good. I work almost exclusively with long telephoto lenses and small AF errors are pretty painfully obvious. For this reason I quickly learned how to do AFMA as soon as the feature became available. Like you, before AFMA I thought AF from SLR’s was pretty bad/inconsistent. Afterward, I discovered it’s actually quite excellent. It isn’t perfect, there are some jitters, especially in bright light but it’s quite decent. Yes I did experiment extensively with the AF on my R. After the firmware update I found it to go from maddeningly awful to decent. When tracking birds walking around in their environment it often will just wander off after having been locked for several frames and it almost never catches proper AF after that. The AF zone just remains blue and blurry shot after blurry shot is recorded.

I think the big thing a lot of people are seeing with the R is that their lenses probably did need AFMA and since mirrorless doesn’t need it they are finally seeing what their lenses are actually capable of.

I experimented with AFMA extensively and I could never get it to make much of a difference. I ended up sending one of my lenses in that was particularly bad, the 35L f/1.4 II. It would beep that it was in focus and the focus would be off by feet not inches.  Forget about servo, it was a complete **** show. Usually it did this in low light but I had it miss in all kinds of light. Basically it was a mess. I put it on the R and it started working properly for the first time.

Anyway, I sold the stupid thing when I got the RF 28-70, much better lens all around.

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