Flash for Pan G85 and Oly 10 mk3. Problems

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Re: Flash for Pan G85 and Oly 10 mk3. Problems

plantdoc wrote:

I don't use a flash very often, but I like to have a compact type when needed for fill, etc. I purchased a Godox TT350, which seemed to fit the bill. The unit seemed well made with good features. However, I found that it would not mount on the hotshoe of my Oly 10mk3 and new Pana G85. I would insert part way and then refuse to seat past the small flat springs somewhat hidden in the shoe track. Strangely, I tried it on a EPL8 and it did fit. Seems like the metal shoe mount is just a hair too thick. I then tried a basic, inexpensive Bolt brand flash and it fit on all three. Currently, thinking about the Metz M360, which fits the budget. Any experiences or suggestions. Thanks


Weird.  I have the Godox TT685O and it fits my G85 just fine.  I also have the Godox command module and that fits in the hotshoe fine, too.

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