Single-Shot HDR?

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Tom Schum
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Single-Shot HDR?

Yesterday I took my X-T3 out shooting, set up for ISO bracketing, which delivers three raws for each time you click the shutter.  So, there is only one exposure, but there are three raws produced.  I don't know which other Fuji cameras support ISO bracketing.

I set up the bracketing for the maximum variation.  The first raw is 0 EV, the second is +1EV, and the third is -1EV.  In other words, if I am shooting at ISO 400, the first raw has an ISO of 400, the second one has ISO 800, and the third has ISO 200.  The ISO 400 shot will be "correctly" exposed, the ISO 800 shot will be overexposed, and the ISO 200 shot will be underexposed.

I developed the raws in the free Fuji/Silkypix raw developer with these settings:

EV 0: White balance = 6000 degrees, Sharpening "pure detail" and HDR slider set to 5.

EV +1: Same white balance and sharpening, HDR slider set to 0.

EV -1: Same white balance and sharpening, HDR slider set to 5.

If you don't use the free Fuji/Silkypix raw developer, the HDR slider mostly lifts shadows and compresses highlights.  Its range is from 0 to 100.  So a setting of 5 has a small effect.  I exported three JPGs from the raw developer.

Using Photomatrix Pro 6.1.3, I merged these three and selected the "Natural" preset.  One reason I did this is it is all new to me and this version looked good.  You can get a free version 5.05 or you can pay for version 6.1.3.  The free version will always insert a watermark.  I bought the standalone version. Black Friday price was $74.

Then I took the 0 EV image and processed it in Photoshop Elements 13 so it looked a lot like the HDR.  I first tried this in Photomatrix but couldn't get the right tone mapping, so I went to Photoshop Elements 13.

Then I took these two, ran them through JPEG Mini to get the file sizes down and here they are.  It seems to me the HDR is better, holding good details both in the shadows and in the highlights.  Your opinions welcome!

This is the HDR ( 3.9mb download )

This is the EV 0 image ( 5.7mb download )

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