New DSLRs in 2019-2020

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Re: Not for me...

mxx wrote:

I continue to be puzzled by the passionate (one might think fanatic) defence of a viewfinder technology.


I think the "passion" is more of a defence against the arrogant and condescending attitude of mirrorless lovers towards DSLRs.

Couldn't agree more.

If one is starting out afresh with photography, mirrorless is surely the way to go.

Not so sure about that - DSLRs are still better in important respects (real time viewfinder, battery life, seeing what you're photographing rather than a "what a JPEG would look like at current settings" view, etc.).

But people with existing systems can't just get rid of thousands of dollars worth of equipment just to go with the newest technology. And DSLRs is still capable of taking superb photos.

My DSLRs will always take pics every bit as good as any MILC, no reason to replace them.

So why bandy about terms such as "dinosaurs", "dead technology" etc? Can't we just show respect for one another's choice of equipment? If one sees a lovely photo, who cares about the technology used to produce it?

Agreed. But that goes to the insecurity of MILC fans who have to endlessly denigrate DSLRs to validate their choices. Absent this type of blather, I would have never gotten into any of these MILC vs. DSLR "discussions," because I really don't give a rat's kiester about MILCs.

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