SkyWatcher AZ-GTI versus Star Adventurer

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Re: SkyWatcher AZ-GTI versus Star Adventurer

I was hoping to get a new mount for my vacation to Tenerife, but unfortunately it was not ready yet, so I decided to buy the AZ-GTI, just for fun and take it along with my Fornax lighttrack. I have used it all week with a 200mm lens and a ZWO ASI mono camera. I collected about 18 hours of data on the heart and soul nebula with that setup. Unfortunately I am not able to show you any result yet as I have yet to sort through all the data and process it. What I can tell you though is that I have been very impressed by this little mount. I used it in equatorial mode, which it is not officially supposed to be used in, but a firmware update is provided by Skywatcher itself, so that you can. I use a ZWO ASIAIR to control the camera and mount as well as a guide camera, which I feel is required to get any kind of decent result with this mount at this focal length.

But it performed excellent for what it is. The ASIAIR can do plate solving for you, so goto’s were very accurate in combination with that. I just did a onestar alignment with it and than used platesolving to perfect the goto’s which placed objects right in the middle of my field of view. I also used SkySafari on my IPad to find my objects. No problems at all.

Guiding was ok, I was able to keep it under 2 arcsecond accuracy most of the time, which, for 300 dollars, is excellent. And with the platescale that I used was good enough. I also used the ASIAIR to polar align it and got to within 1 minute of the pole in about 5 minutes with the Skywatcher wedge, which by the way is not included with this mount.

While the Fornax has far superior tracking, even unguided, with this mount it was so much easier to get objects in my field of view at longer focal lengths, besides being a lot of fun to use. I can highly recommend it to you. Especially in combination with the ASIAIR to polar align (Polemaster will work great as well) which can also control a dslr if that is what you want to use.



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