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Re: Slides

drj3 wrote:

A slide scanner should do okay with slides as long as they are clean, unless they are Kodachrome. If they are, then you need a scanner with a Kodachrome setting (I use a Nikon Coolscan V). Even with a Kodachrome setting, you will probably need to adjust the colors. I try to find something known to be white in the image (like a white shirt) and use LR White Balance tool to do the color balance and then tweak it. You can use things like LR clarity (or even Dehaze) for the ones that look "washed out".

I have a slide Scanner with a Kodachrome "mode," but still found I couldn't use "Digital ICE" with Kodachrome slides - the focus would always be off resulting in blurry scans. Turn off Digital ICE any focus worked OK again. (Nikon Supercoolscan 4000 ED)

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