Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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Re: Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

BirdShooter7 wrote:

I’ve used the R quite a bit as well as the RP and I would say that the only real improvement over the SRL’s I see is that you don’t have to do AFMA which is a pretty nice benefit. In terms of tracking I have found the R leaves a good bit to be desired though it is much better after the latest firmware.

It all depends on how you shoot and what you shoot. And did you try the various AF settings in the camera? I'm really confused because when I've shot with DSLRs, especially in low light, taking multiple shots is an absolute must due to the random focus miscues... How many times did I go back and look at shots that the camera said were in focus only to find that no, they weren't... Hundreds if not thousands. Someone I know in the wedding industry who edits photos from all kinds of shooters switched to Nikon because she said Canon cameras have the most focus misses. And she was using the Canon 5D IV previously.

I don't know where this undying faith in Canon DSLRs comes from but it's not my reality nor anyone elses I know.

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