Torn with difficult decision! Please advise on lens.

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Torn with difficult decision! Please advise on lens.

Hello all,

In two months I'll travel to North India for 2 weeks. I am planning my photo setup and I am torn by difficult decisions!

I trigger the plug and bought the canon RP + RF35 and the adaptor due to the incredible discount during these days.

I do also have (and love) a Ricoh GR3.

In the first place, I was planning to bring with me only the Ricoh because I am used to single focal lens and compact camera (Sigma DP series, Fuji X100). Moreover, Ricoh GR3 has an enormous "street" potential due to snap focus and silent operation. With the disabled screen, it is also possible to take pictures by sensation and often results are quite striking due to the "lack" of composition.

Not secondary, it will be partially a spiritual experience and I do not want to "poison" the time with the classic urgency of taking pictures instead of feeling the place and people.

However, I do know Rioch GR3 shortcomings which actually led me to buy the Canon RP.

I am planning to use the Canon during the pure touristic time, or when the EVF, reliability, longer battery life are needed and during night time. But, but ... I am not confident that the RF35 can cover the versatility I seek.

I am used to this focal length, and I do think that it is the best compromise as a single solution. At the same time, it is also (my personal take) quite a boring focal length.

I am looking the RF 24-105 but wow it is huge ...

What do you suggest? Is there an EF lens that is more "intresting" than the 35 in terms of perspective?

I was looking to the Tamron 45 1.8 but I don't feel good thinking to use a third party lens (on the other side 45 is probably my favorite focal length) .

I do also plan to take the additional lens for RICOH GR3 in order to have in hand a fantastic 21mm equivalent.

Thank you for any suggestions or consideration!!

Warm regards,


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