Fuji X-T2 vs Sony A7II

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Re: Fuji X-T2 vs Sony A7II

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The Sony is a better platform to adapt legacy prime lenses, due to IBIS and no crop factor to consider.

First off, Fuji has IBIS. Second, crop hasn't nothing to do with being better to adapt lenses.

Definitly IBIS ins't present in the camera he is considering which is the X-T2.

Crop has a lot to do with adapted lenses. You can buy a Canon 24mm 2.8 for lanscape for about $50 and use it on a FF, but on a crop sensor you would have to buy a 16mm, which are much more expensive. On the other hand if you want a head and shoulder portrait lens, an old 50mm 1.8 is fine for the compression it produces in APS-C (75mm equiv.), not so much in FF because it is a bit too wide.

Who says you 'have to'?? You can shoot landscape with a 500mm lens if you want to. Beginners tend to get told they need a WA lens for this purpose and it's terrible advice. Also vintage lenses can perform better on APSC as you're not getting the awful soft corners that you often get on FF, it's pre-cropped out for you.

Who said landscape can't be shot at 500mm? You are missing the point.

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