Should I buy D750, or wait for the next thing?

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Re: Should I buy D750, or wait for the next thing?

MadDog357 wrote:

Hey Folks,

Not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I'm trying to shout out a big THANKS for everyone's great insights wrt my questions and concerns re purchasing the D750. I appreciate you all taking the time to help! I ended up ordering the D750 with the 24-120 lens at $1,495.00. I checked prices today and the price for the combo rose over $250.00, so I'm really happy I made the decision when I did. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the full frame sensor experience - the quality and flexibility it affords.

Oh, can anyone recommend an affordable humidity controlled storage container/cabinet to handle two DSLR bodies and 3-4 lenses? I received the estimates today from Nikon to repair my molded/mildew lenses and I'm in shock! So I now see the need to purchase a reliable method to protect my photographic equipment investments.

Best Regards to ALL,


I ordered the 80L FORSPARK Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet from amazon:

About the cabinet:

I picked it because the unit was the perfect size for my gear I had :

2 bodies





4 flash units

The shelf can be adjusted in height and it can hold a lot of gear as stated above.

I saw other ones online but they had mixed reviews. This one has a 93% on amazon and I have been happy with it.

I also say to buy the biggest one you can afford and gives you room to spare as you may acquire more gear and buying a second cabinet will likely cost more compared to buying right the first time.

I did not own one for the last 14+ years that I have been shooting but now I live in florida and humidity here is insane.

One thing I will say is that what you do with your gear outside of the cabinet may impact it even more. Besides obvious water exposure/damage, my understanding is that the extreme temperature changes that happen outside of the camera/lens body are the biggest factors that impact mold/fungus. So if you expose your gear to big sudden temperature changes, that will cause a playing ground for mold/fungus to grow. I learned this when my lens fogged up big time when going from inside (cold ac) to outside here in florida (high humidity). After some more thinking, I realized that I was keeping my camera in the dry cabinet which is at 72 degrees, keeping my camera case in a closet with an ac vent (which made the bags cold, taking the camera and placing it in the bag, which now made the lens/body cold and all of a sudden i was taking the camera out and exposing it to hot/humid air (which made the lens fog up and introduced moisture).

Before I caught on that the cold bag was the real culprit, I used the large ziplock bag method (where you put the camera in a ziplock bag before getting on location and once on location you take the ziplock bag out of the camera case and leave the camera inside and the moisture will be on the outside of the bag and you let the camera and bag reach ambient temp before taking the camera out of the ziplock bag.

I was also reading how weather sealed does not mean that you can expose the camera/lens to big temp changes as this still will cause the moisture to buildup inside the weather sealed lens/body.

So moral of the story is to let your gear slowly adjust when moving to different conditions. Some use the ziplock bag method, some people leave the whole camera bag in a trunk of a car or outside (monitored of course) to adjust for a while before unzipping the bag.

I still HIGHLY suggest the dry cabinet vs storing your gear in a bag or pelican case. The bags and cases can be a bad storage location if the gear is stored with moisture inside as these can become also a breeding ground for mold/fungus since they dont have a built in drying feature like the cabinet and are a confined dark location where mold/fungus can grow. I know some people will store in bags/cases and use the rechargeable in oven dry packs or silica packs but to me the packs changed colors so fast as the humidity here is very high and I got tired of reheating/recharging the packs in the oven every month. I still say the BIGGEST impact is still sudden temp changes to your gear. This is the major cause of most issues.

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