Topcon (Tokyo Kogaku) Topcor 58 mm f1.4

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Re: Topcon (Tokyo Kogaku) Topcor 58 mm f1.4

fferreres wrote:

Tomasg71 wrote:

I am going to bid for a 135/3.5 in the next days, these are not common in Europe. So i am also now a Topcor enthusiast.

They are cheap....I just bought a ...third one. I am still trying to find one with zero separation in the second element. The others have a tiny tad of separation, both, it looks like very faint haze in the first to second element on the other edges. I found it very easy to take apart, clean and assemble back.

Actually, I found ALL the topcors to be very designed and easy to fix with some having the entire block be one thing including diaphragm. This makes it much easier to service the helicoids. BUT, I still haven't had to open them from the back (mount part).

p.s. not sure why i can t copy the correct link, check the inventory under Exakta

The 2.8/100 is pretty nice too. It's different design but still Sonnar, and the closest thing to 85mm. It is along with my 2.8/85 CZ QBM my fav portrait lens now.

They are among the easier ones to work on, i agree, very similar in construction to the Yashinon DX series. I got a perfect copy of he 135mm for 25 eur plus shipping, i was the only bidder.

Form my experience separation doesn t look like haze, i saw couple of 135 mm for sale on ebay with haze, to me that looks like oil residual, my 58mm came with it too on the element near the aperture as is usually the case, it cleand off perfectly.

If you remove the back part just don t touch the "bearing" of the aperture mechanisms, which in this case is very similar to how the Konica AR lenses are constructed. Btw, it should be safe to remove the four screws and lift the back part:

The most difficult and delicate part of working on the Topcors for me is removng the rubber rings on the focusing ring, they seem to be very fragile and the "borders" on the focusing that keeps them in place don t help. The one on my 58mm is stretched a bit so it doesn t fit well on the focusing. I am thinking of removing it and try to warm it with a hairdrier, as heat shrinks rubber.

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