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Re:Not jumping ship but...

I am using shooting a7iii and Z6.

I have both cameras pretty well set up for my shooting, If shooting action with an MILC I reach for the a7iii, For most other shooting I go to the Z6.

The a7iii is a big improvement to the a7ii (sold) and a7rii (which I gave to my son but still use on occasion) . I do not need the higher MP.

Sony has hastened the swing from DSLR to MILC but I still prefer the DSLR for some shooting. I can use all of my Sony lenses on the Z6. The only things that I prefer on the Sony a7iii are AF and more customizable but do hate the menus when I need them.

At the moment I (and my wife and son) are very happy using both.

The family has been using MILC since the first EM-5 arrived in India so all of us are used to more complicated menus and inter-dependent settings which have to be remembered.

Really boils down to personal preference and use. Shooting the Z6 and a7iii at same target, side by side with same FL and f stop I much prefer the Z6 metering and colours ( I know that is subjective) . I normally shoot RAW, or Raw and jpeg, so can get colours I like from either.

As far as size and grip I do not find a big difference. I have half cases on both and use Small Rig on both. VF on Z6 is better than a7iii and I find the touchscreen (primarily used for Street and Documentary) excellent on Z6 and pretty useless on a7iii.

I will probably not buy another DSLR or Sony lens but never say never

Just my 2 rupees

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