Initial Impressions of my X-Pro3

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Initial Impressions of my X-Pro3

My Black X-Pro3 arrived on Tuesday afternoon and after an initial few awkward hours, I am really enjoying the experience of using this camera. The camera is now configured to my liking, and I have taken it on a brief photo walk at a neighborhood park that confirmed all the hopes I had for this camera.

I fully admit Fuji has made some polarizing design decisions with this camera. But at least for my style of shooting this form factor is working great. Now to give this context- I continue to be a Nikon shooter primarily, shooting with a Z7 and a collection of relatively large 1.4 and 1.8 lenses that fully satisfy my shooting needs when high resolution and super shallow depth of field are my priority. But even with a compact body such as the Z7, the overall size is still considerable when using fast glass. With my Fuji purchase, I was seeking a high quality and compact kit that can still deliver professional results while being much lighter when using the Fujicron 2.0 lenses. I purchased the 23mm f/2, 35mm 1.4, 50 f/2 and 16-80 f/4 lenses to use with the camera. I plan on making the X-Pro3 my secondary body when shooting events, weddings etc. and my primary body when shooting just for fun.

Regarding the Rear LCD
There is no getting around it- during the initial setup, it is a bit of a pain to deal with the hidden LCD. It also took several hours of using the camera to remember that quick chimping via the LCD is not an option without first flipping it open. For my personal circumstances, this is not a big deal since I almost always compose via the viewfinder unless dealing with awkward angles. But as I watch YOUTUBE and see how many photographers compose and shoot extensively with the rear LCD- I can certainly see why this has been an alienating design decision for many.

I much prefer chimping via the EVF, and the hidden screen works wonderfully when used as a waist-level viewfinder. So, all in all, I like the current screen much more than a fixed LCD such as what was in the X-PRO2.

Regarding the EVF and OVF
I am very spoiled when it comes to EVFs. The Nikon Z7 is recognized as having a simply fantastic EVF. While being a bit smaller, I do not feel at all deprived when using the EVF on the X-PRO3. The image is crisp and easily holds its own when compared to my Nikon.

As for the OVF- I admit I am an EVF shooter. I may play with the OVF from time to time but 95% of the time I will be in EVF mode so I have no strong opinion as to the OVF in the X-PRO3. It seemed to work nicely when paired with the 23mm F2 lens, but I only spent around 15 minutes in OVF mode before reverting to the VERY nice EVF.

As for Low Light Performance
I have not done extensive testing, but the X-PRO3 definitely puts my Nikon Z7 to shame when it comes to focus in low light. Even in a darkened bathroom with just a trace of light coming in from a hallway- the X-pro3 confidently grabbed focus while the Z7 would take three to five seconds to finally grab focus in its low light mode. I anticipate this being a huge advantage when shooting in dimmer venues. I am amazed more reviewers have not been highlighting this because it appears to be the real deal.

Face/Eye Detect

Pleasantly surprised by the performance here.  It seems more confident in detecting faces/eyes than Face/Eye detect on my Nikon Z7.  I look forward to testing further to confirm the actual accuracy.

Overall impressions
I love the look and feel of this camera. It fits extremely well in my hand- but I have ordered the Fuji grip to give me a little more to hold onto. By the end of my initial photo walk with the camera, I was feeling very comfortable with the controls. I cannot wait to integrate the X-pro3 into my professional workflow and to have it be my take everywhere camera.

I have included some sample images from my local park shot using Classic Neg. The lens in use was the 23mm F/2. They are all taken directly from JPG with only minor edits.

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