Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

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Re: Godox Wireless Trigger X-Pro P (Pentax)

swordfish541 wrote:

... Kli, thanks for sharing the list!

You're welcome.

I'm very new to flash photography. I wanted to buy a speedlight for my Pentax K-70 but realized I bought flash trigger only: XPro P. I've been searching for options and found this thread. Is there any light you would recommend today?

Unfortunately, for on-camera TTL use with Pentax, Godox only offers two models: the TT350-P mini speedlight, and the V1-P roundheaded speedlight (which is usually $260).

My criteria are:

- compatible with K-70

- compatible with XPro P (if a light works standalone then it's optional)

- budget: under $100 USD

All the Godox lights with a  2.4GHz trigger built in can trigger and be power-controlled from the XPro-P. At this time, the only ones that don't do P-TTL with an Xpro-P are the non-TTL manual lights (TT600, V850II, and the AC powered strobes), the AD360II, and the non-Canon TT685 models.

TT350-P is available on amazon but it doesn't have positive reviews.

It's a mini speedlight. For what it is, it's good but it may not have enough power for some applications.

V860II - by any flavor did you mean V860II made for other brands would work?

They and the TT685-C (for Canon) can be firmware updated to work as P-TTL/HSS radio slaves off-camera. But the pin layout on the foot still won't physically match the contacts on the Pentax hotshoe,  and the electronic communication signal protocol is different so it can't actually talk to your camera to do things like TTL or HSS when used on-camera, attached to the hotshoe.

If you need a P-TTL on-camera flash, I think your only Godox choice is the TT350-P.  But you could also use a Yongnuo YN-585EX.  But the Yongnuo won't work with the XPro-P.

If you need an off-camera P-TTL flash, then the TT685-C is about $110 and can be firmware updated to do that. If you don't need TTL at all, then the $60 TT600 single-pin manual flash might work. You can only fire it on-camera. But off-camera as a radio slave to the Xpro-P, you have remote M power, group, and HSS control over the flash.

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