Confused about EF Lens FOV vs EFS when both are on APSC.

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Re: Confused about EF Lens FOV vs EFS when both are on APSC.

The FOV will be the same. The difference is in how much of the image circle covers the sensor. Because the APSC sensor is smaller an efs lens only needs to cover a smaller area and in theory you can build smaller cheaper lenses than those required to cover the larger FF sensor.

The cropping effect though is the same regardless of which lens type you use.

One nice thing about using a FF lens on APSC is that you don't get the same sort of drop off at the edges of the frame because you are only using the centre of the lens, its one of the reasons the nifty fifty shines on APSC more than it does on FF and what makes it a nice cheap portrait lens on APSC with an effective field of view of around 80mm.

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