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Re: A very good point

Lee Jay wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

fferreres wrote:

Can you analiza post rate before and after?

Post rate is zero, before and after.

I think phones have FL and quality restrictions but get more photos shared and save time

She takes about 1/10th as many pictures now as before.

But presumably she is content or she wouldn't have made the change.

She was just tired of carrying around the camera.

That's pretty telling, isn't it? Even a compact camera is too much to carry around for an apparently enthusiastic photographer married to a very enthusiastic photographer who is going to be providing a strongly supportive and motivating influence.

You, personally, place a huge amount of value on having access to and using an extremely wide range of focal lengths.

Apparently so does she since she used 25-300 a lot on her hyperzoom.

But not enough to carry around a compact camera to get that range - the key word in your sentence is "used".

You also place a huge amount of value on taking a very, very large volume of photos.

Not really, I just like to document the things I do, and I do a lot of things.

Maybe your wife has just decided that those things don't matter that much to her.

It's more that, missing the focal lengths and having to unlock the phone and launch an app limit the opportunities to take pictures more than having a huge range and just having to hit the power button and start shooting.

I've seen you write this many times. I can launch the camera app on my phone directly from the lock screen - if it asleep, one press of the power button, one touch of the icon and it's ready to go. Or, when asleep, touch my finger to the fingerprint sensor and touch the camera icon on the home screen. If the camera was the last app I was using, it opens straight into that.

Some one or two touches and the camera opens almost instantly, ready to shoot. One to a maximum of three seconds. No way a compact camera is going to open appreciably faster than that. The fact that you say you can have a shot on your DSLR framed, focused, exposed and shoot within two seconds doesn't have any bearing on that.

Also, the camera had a wrist lanyard so she could just leave it around her wrist in interesting situations, without having to worry about dropping it or losing it.

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Lee Jay

None of which delivered enough benefit for your wife to justify carrying the compact as well as the phone, so the phone won - which is basically what the whole demise of the compact digital camera in favour of the smartphone has been about. Your wife is a kind of archetype for the change in camera useage.

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