Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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Re: Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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I just think its a shame there are so many Canon shooters who haven't even given the R a fair shake because they're "invested" in EF glass. EF lenses work very well on the R.

I've given the R more than a "fair shake" and, frankly, it doesn't cut the mustard.

I still have my EOS R, and I still use it, but not for anything where handling, controls, viewfinder quality, and autofocus performance matters. Of my five Canon cameras, the EOS R has the second-worst autofocus. Yes, it does have better autofocus than the 10-year-old 5D II. Then again, so does every other camera made this decade. And on the other hand, the 10-year-old 1D IV kills it, as do the 7D II and the 5D IV. We have taken to calling out EOS R "the toy camera", which is about right.

It's a promising technology and I'll have another look at it when it's ready for prime time. Maybe around 2025 or so, who can say?

when canon's 1DmkIII comes out for next years Olympic games, i think Sony's less impressive a9II will fold like an old lawn chair when it comes to professional coverage...unless, Sony is going to come out with a newer rev., a bit more capable!

i don't know, when i take my canon 1Dx out for a photog excursion, it is a joy to work with, it takes whatever i throw at it and i find it a lot more capable than my own

Is a separate "Sony Trash Talk" thread needed? 

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