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Michael W00d wrote:

Over the past few weeks I have looked extensively at other image editing software with the wish to change away from Corel PSP. The reason for a possible change is, as others have said above, that Corel have done virtually nothing to improve the package over the 15 years I have been using it. They have improved the interface, but improvements to the editing package appear to be focused on selection/masking. I abandoned their mediocre masking 6 or 7 years ago by adopting the Topaz Remask plugin, which was probably the best around at the time and is difficult to beat even today.

Obviously, the same plug-ins work just as well in AP.

One of the major grouses I have against Corel is that their tuition videos and Webinars are catastrophically poor or even non-existent for some applications. Just look at what Affinity produces in comparison. I’m sure that PSP can do more than I can achieve, but without explanatory tuition videos one has no chance of utilising its potential. Corel’s focus is on trivia and they do not cater for, or appear to understand, the need for more advanced techniques.

PSP has seemed essentially frozen for years; AP seems very much alive, making real progress in each release. And you don't even have to pay for the dot releases (which include much more than the annual PSP releases).

PSP’s RAW conversion package is abysmal. Just compare it to Capture 1 for example.

I don't think either PSP or AP has much to offer in this area. I use DxO.

However, the big plus point of Corel PSP for me is its usability. I love its cloning and layers.

I think Affinity is better in those areas. In particular, the Inpainting tool is superior to anything in PSP. Layers seem more like an intrinsic feature, rather than the add-on they've always felt like in PSP. Things like the text and arrows tools are far superior, too. Another example is if you want to resize and export: this is two steps in PSP, but only one in AP. So far, I've not found anything that isn't at least as easy and more powerful in AP compared to PSP.

Obviously, the keyboard short-cuts are often different, and the UI betrays the program's Mac origins; the pure Windows UI in PSP is more familiar and easier (eg, it uses the right mouse button more). To me, it always seems like programs with Mac origins are clumsier.

I use Lightroom for RAW conversion, clone in PSP, manage layers in PSP and finetune my images with Topaz plugins/Studio. So instead of going to Affinity or Capture 1 I chickened out last Friday and upgraded from PSP 2018 to 2020 for £30.

I paid less than that for the full AP during the 50% sale!

I’ve not installed it yet, though I’ll probably bypass the pile of ancillary junk that came in the Ultra package. In 12 months’ time I’ll probably go through the same process of reappraisal.

I'm glad I've finally, and belatedly, dumped PSP. It's stilled installed on my machine, but no longer pinned to my taskbar. But I'm now even more annoyed by Corel's constant ad bombardment; it guarantees that I'll never spend anything with Corel again.

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