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SteveS58 wrote:

ALio wrote:

This did sting a little. The title is fine in a vacuum, but when I clicked in and saw Asians, I was a little taken aback. I chalked it up to a bit of cultural insensitivity rather than deliberate racism.

I have a long history of posting here. This is a first that the insinuation has been made that I've posted something purposely with racial overtones. Frankly, I don't congregate with people who use racial epithets. I live in a multicultural community with neighbors who are of asian descent. I've never heard of the phrase "ping pong" as a derogatory term for asians. If you go back to a previous post, my association was relating the term to "action and reaction" which is what ping pong is all about. And the game the mother and daughter were playing was something I played with my own daughter when she was young.

IMO, this whole thing was blown out of proportion by the op. He could have simply said, do you realize that ping pong is a derogatory term for asians, and I would have humbly apologized, being ignorant of that. But hIs response was "drop the act, no one can be that dumb" which started a cascade of responses. This is supposed to be a community of helpful and sharing photographers without an agenda but it sometimes falls short of that.


Have you asked the mod to add the explanation of this game to the original post ?

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