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Marek M wrote:

What happened to pure joy of photography? There are countless people, myself included, who simply enjoy photography, including carrying cameras, buying them, postprocessing etc.

Smartphones are smartphones, you can take decent pictures with them , I agree, but that is a different thing entirely.

And by the way, anything without an optical viewfinder is not a camera for me.

When I have a camera in my hands, it feels entirely different than snapping with my phone, which I sometimes do as well for different reasons. Photographer is a big word, but I feel like one with camera, I don't with a smartphone.

A friend of mine, a surgeon, when you ask him for advice, tells me and his friends to come and see him in his office. He says he feels completely differently with his doctor's outfit on, with a cap, he thinks differently. Nothing to do with money.

He is a surgeon in his office, he is a friend outside of it.

The numbers of those like me are limited, but I would think that sufficient to sustain a camera market for a good while.

For all it's worth, I just bought some film, chemicals and am about to start some film shooting . Can't wait. Film already in camera, two pictures down. I even ordered a new flash as the old one died, fried itself.

I totally agree, have you shot film before?

Yes , many years ago, had a darkroom, for years. Still have most of the equipment but this time I'll go as far as film developing at home. I'll scan the negatives and go from there.

Nice one, I started shooting it again a few years ago, my darkroom is just about ready to go, black and white printing only though.

Darkroom was a great joy , but it took time. With current post processing, I can sit and have fun with pics for 30 mins and do something else after . With a darkroom, it took half hour to set everything up, mix the chemicals, get them to temperature, etc. Usually I spent time into early morning hours.Mine was BW only as well.

As for smartphone shooters, I have nothing against them. Zero. They are happy with what they do and that is how it should be.

But, I am not quite so sure why "smartphone converts" are even here, on DPR.


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