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Barry Duggan Photography wrote:

Yes, I understand what ping pong is. I know its a sport, but it's also the most popular in China.

Which is only significant if one is racist.

Had there been a table tennis table in the photo then there would be no issue. Instead we have an Asian family standing there. I still have no idea as to where or why you chose this title.

You may not, but apparently he did. You feel a way about the title that apparently the OP did not.

I could go to give examples of other racist slurs used against Asians but I wont.

Examples that would be irrelevant to someone who intentions were not malicious.

What I do find baffling it the failure of most people here to comprehend how this title could be perceived to be racist.

No one fails to comprehend that. On the other hand, no one fails to comprehend that you can make anything racist if you are bent on doing so.

For the record I'm not calling anyone a racist.

It would be easier to make the case that you are doing just that, than it would be make the case that the OP's post is racist.

At worst, the title is racist, at best, it was a poor judgement call from yourself.

At worst, you probably would have been better off saying that the title appeared racist to you, and at best you could have refrained from accusing the OP of not having common sense, and of putting on an act. If the OP made the post maliciously, shame on him. If he did not, shame on you for accusing him of having ulterior motives, especially on a public forum.


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