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Re: A very good point

fstopx2 wrote:

Am I too late for the meltdown over the OP post ?

Everything you said is true. I realized some time ago that my most used camera is my smartphone. Why? Its just easier. You take the pictures and than do whatever you want with them. No moving photos from the camera to the phone or PC. Post processing is easier if thats what you want to do - its all right there. Sharing? How fast can you tap the screen.

Convenience wins.

Its good enough that I sold my DSLR and all its lenses as well as my EOS Ms. I always detested carrying the DSLR and lenses because of the bulk. There is no point in having all this stuff that you dont use. Sits in your house collecting dust and devaluation to zero.

So I sold it all. Ironically I used my smartphone to take the pictures of the cameras to sell.

For me they are good enough, for others maybe not.

Does this mean I will never own a dedicated camera ever again? Who knows.

Clearly you're not an image fanatic like myself. "Personally, I can't imagine doing that.

As they say, "Different strokes for different folks."

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