What camera settings do you set?

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Re: What camera settings do you set?

kierenlon wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:

11. (not a setting) Batteries last longer if discharged then charged, rather than being topped off every day. So, I carry a spare battery and then charge the depleted one later.

Per use, yes but the overall life cycle and ability to hold maximum charge will degrade.
That said, for replaceable batteries, that is not a concern and I do the same as you. For non replaceable, not fully charging / discharging will aid in keeping capacity longer.

This is a modern myth that has carried over from the days of NiCd and NiMh batteries (when it was indeed relevant). Lithium ion batteries do not have any memory effect. Even more so, like kierenlon said, deep discharging lithium ion batteries actually reduces the overall lifespan of them.

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