27mm F2.8 opinions?

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Re: 27mm F2.8 opinions?

Rod McD wrote:


The 27mm is a great little lens - usable WO but better - very sharp - once stopped down a tad. I find the lack of an AR somewhat annoying because for me, the MO is different from all my other Fuji lenses except the 50-230. If Fuji ever release a MkII with an AR, I'd trade up......

I think whether you can get an XE +27mm into a pocket rather depends on your definition of "pocket'. Jacket pocket - certainly. Is it a good idea to put a piece of precision optical gear into a pocket is another question. Maybe it says something about me or my laundry, but in my experience pockets tend to get full of dust, lint, glider clips, keys, bits of sandy shells the kids picked up and asked me to carry, etc, etc, etc, you get the idea - all inimical to optical gear..... How about a dedicated belt pouch?

Cheers, Rod

Good point about pocket lint and dust. My cargo pants pockets tend to stay pretty clean as they have a side zipper that makes it easy to clean out. In any event, a good solution would be to utilize one of those micro-fiber bags that come with eyeglasses to protect the camera and lens in a pocket. The bag doubles as a cleaning cloth.

More often, I have the camera along in a work satchel or briefcase.

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